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Spankerella teasing subs

Wicked Spankerella is in the mood for some fun and has invited two submissives to join in her devious activities. She starts off by selecting her first sub Obelix, spitting a stream of saliva down on him before stepping on him with her towering high-heeled boots. Her stiletto heels dig into his skin, leaving imprints as he squirms beneath her. Once she’s satisfied with his display of submission, she moves on to the next participant, eager for a fresh surge of dopamine.

Her next target is the alluring transgender Miss Luna, who is already fixated and bent over, presenting herself eagerly. With a mischievous grin, Spankerella grabs the waistband of Miss Luna’s panties, yanking them upwards in a brutal wedgie that makes Miss Luna gasp. The pain quickly turns to pleasure as Spankerella brings down a leather paddle on her exposed cheeks, the sound of the impact echoing through the room. Miss Luna knows the routine well and screams loudly, her cries of both pain and pleasure filling the air, much to Spankerella’s delight.

After thoroughly enjoying Miss Luna’s reactions, Mistress Spankerella turns her attention back to Obelix, who is lying on the floor. She straddles him, her intent clear as she begins to masturbate with a large black dildo right above his face, the sight tormenting him as he watches helplessly. Obelix’s eyes widen as she brings the dildo closer, forcing him to taste it. As soon as he opens his mouth, she thrusts it deep down his throat, making him gag and squirm in discomfort. The sadistic pleasure she derives from his reaction fuels her further.

But Spankerella’s attention is never far from Miss Luna. With the dildo now wet, she returns to the trans princess, who is ready and waiting. Spankerella orders Miss Luna to clean the dildo, thrusting it towards her. As Miss Luna obediently licks and sucks it clean, Spankerella smears the remaining juices onto her face, marking her with the evidence of their intense session. The mix of dominance and submission, pain and pleasure, continues to heighten the atmosphere as Spankerella orchestrates every moment to her satisfaction.

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