Become a Model

If you’re interested in becoming a model for our adult entertainment
productions, then use the formel to become a model

Our filming sessions typically take place every Saturday in Herlev at
our Danish femdom studio, although occasionally we may choose
alternative locations. The day usually kicks off at 10 o’clock with
softer, more sensual scenes, followed by progressively more intense
BDSM content. So if you want to be a slave model then feel free to
contact as well

Our shoots involve a small group of models and participants of all
genders. Prior to filming, we discuss the scenes to be filmed and the
roles involved. The possibilities for our films are limited only by
imagination. You’ll have a say in what you’re comfortable with, and
everything is agreed upon before we start filming, ensuring that it
aligns with your boundaries. If anonymity is important to you, you can
wear a mask, and we can provide outfits to cover tattoos. Please be
aware that there will be a cameraperson present, so you’ll need to be
comfortable performing in their presence. Our films are typically shot
in one take to maintain the flow of the experience.

Before filming begins, a contract will be signed stating that we have
the rights to all materials produced, including videos and photos.
Additionally, you’ll need to bring valid identification to verify that
you’re above the age of 18.

Participating in our productions offers both pleasure and the
potential for career advancement. Models may be promoted on our
website and social media platforms. It’s essential to bring
identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, as well as
proof of health insurance.

We’re currently seeking male and female actors to join our team of
preferred models. Whether it’s one-on-one encounters or group scenes,
we expect our actors to adhere to some basic guidelines, including
maintaining cleanliness in intimate areas, being confident and
respectful, and undergoing regular STD testing. We prefer actors who
are comfortable performing without masks and who are team players,
focusing on creating engaging erotic content.

If you meet our expectations, you can register as a permanent player
through our contact page. Invitations to participate will be sent via
email, and prompt responses are required. Failure to respond within
two days may result in being replaced without further notice.

For more information or to get in touch, please use the contact link
at the top of the page. All models featured on our site are over 18
years old and participate willingly, having signed legal agreements
and undergone STD testing prior to filming. If you encounter any
content that shouldn’t be on our site, please contact our webmaster at
our support for prompt removal. Further inquiries can also be directed
to the webmaster.