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Shooting him with 100 rubberbands

In this thrilling and wickedly entertaining movie, the formidable Domina Dark and her devious sidekick Miss Reed are ready for a session of dark amusement. These two commanding mistresses have concocted a diabolical plan involving their favorite, ever-loyal, Obelix, who is notoriously fearful of everything. Today’s sinister mission involves a barrage of 100 rubber bands, aimed with precision and malice. Poor Obelix finds himself suspended from the ceiling, bound tightly in ropes and chains, rendering him completely helpless.

Every snap of a rubber band makes Obelix jump and emit moans, each reaction fueling the mistresses’ amusement. Domina Dark and Miss Reed are beside themselves with glee, their laughter echoing through the room as they relish every moment of their sadistic game. The contrast between Obelix’s palpable fear and the mistresses’ sadistic delight creates an electric atmosphere, thick with tension and dark humor. This session perfectly encapsulates the dynamics of power and submission, with the wicked mistresses reveling in their control and the loyal sub enduring their playful torment.

As the session progresses, the intensity of their amusement only grows. Each rubber band shot is delivered with a wicked grin, and the room is filled with the sounds of their laughter and Obelix’s pained reactions. The mistresses are in their element, exhibiting their dominance and enjoying the spectacle of their sub’s suffering. This elaborate play session is a testament to their creativity and their ability to find joy in the power they wield over their willing victim. Domina Dark and Miss Reed’s unrestrained enjoyment is a sight to behold, making this an unforgettable movie of dark, consensual fun.

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