Sinners Club Masquerade May 19th.

Introducing a groundbreaking venture: Sinners Club, an Erotic Nightclub redefining boundaries with occasional explicit events. Our mission is to craft secure environments where you can delve into fantasies and embrace your deepest desires.

Sinners Club embraces a sex-positive ethos, offering a sanctuary for those 18 and above who champion principles like “Consent.” It’s a haven where you’re free to explore your wildest dreams alongside kindred spirits.

Spanning three floors, Sinners Club boasts a diverse array of experiences:

  • Performances: Immerse yourself in captivating acts like “Blood Pole” by Stine Kronborg and “Dark Desire” by the enigmatic Domina Dark.
  • Dancefloor & DJs: Lose yourself in the seductive rhythms spun by top DJs like DJ Flagstaff, DJ Alonso Gonzales, and DJ Mr. & Mrs. at Sinners Lounge.
  • Sinners Lounge: Indulge in cocktails, stimulating conversations, and unwind amidst like-minded individuals.
  • Erotic Cave: Unearth hidden pleasures in our mysterious sanctuary.
  • Master & Servant: Explore the BDSM zone and mingle with Domina Dark and her crew.
  • Darkroom & Cruising Zone: Surrender to the allure of anonymous encounters.
  • Piano Bar & More: Immerse yourself in an array of delights awaiting exploration.

Located in Copenhagen, our venue is meticulously designed to accommodate these experiences, offering ample space for play, dance, and sensational performances. Whether you’re intrigued by kinks, fetishes, or simply seeking engaging conversations, Sinners Lounge beckons.

Step into Sinners Club, where we curate unforgettable moments and celebrate the multifaceted nature of human sensuality in a secure environment!

For direct access and further details, visit ➡️

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