Kurt Thybo the Submissive

Everyone who is my age or older knows who Kurt Thybo was. Kurt was a boxing commentator on DR Sporten. He was an author, and in 1972, amidst a conservative societal backdrop, he introduced “Ugens Rapport” (Weekly Report), a publication that pushed the boundaries of conventional journalism. Far from being just another magazine, “Ugens Rapport” embraced erotica and adult content, boldly challenging societal norms and sparking conversations about freedom of expression and sexual liberation.

Thybo’s editorial approach was daring yet shrewd, capturing the attention of a wide audience hungry for unfiltered content. With provocative headlines and daring imagery, “Ugens Rapport” quickly gained popularity, becoming a cultural phenomenon that transcended generations.

He died on November 3, 2021, the day after my last visit to him. He died happy despite having lost his wife Marianne the year before after many years of marriage. When Marianne died, Kurt found a way to process his grief, and that was by contacting me, who in many ways reminded him of Marianne. Kurt told me that Marianne was a sex worker, and when he squandered their money, she would come home with money after a night out. He enjoyed his wife and other ladies in town, and they had a stormy marriage. Now, after her death, he sought companionship from me, and despite his advanced age, we had an exciting and rewarding relationship that included his submissive sexual inclinations. Kurt was an eccentric man who adorned himself with Marianne’s jewelry and clothes in everyday life.

Kurt had a submissive and masochistic side that he indulged with me. He loved being degraded in lingerie, and I marked him with a whip or a cigarette. I don’t smoke, so Kurt bought some cigarettes and matches. First, I had to smoke a bit and use his mouth as an ashtray. I had to burn him on the chest or on his penis and finally extinguish the cigarette on his tongue. Kurt was a little painslut and loved the pain I inflicted on him. Kurt proposed to me many times, but I politely declined as I didn’t have the time to live with a husband. These rejections didn’t deter Kurt, and I enjoyed him every day on the phone when we weren’t together. Kurt wanted to be marked so that everyone knew he was my property, so we went to the tattoo artist who gave Kurt my mark.

Kurt was kinky, and the harder I was with him, the hornier he became. He was virile to the end. When we were done with the act and I had tortured him and he had his release, we would just lie in bed while he talked about his life as a torpedo sailor and his sons Tom and Nicky. Tom died of asthma at a young age, which was hard on the family. Then there’s little Nicky, who is now the only surviving member of the Thybo family, he knows that I spent time with his father, which was not very well seen, so I was not allowed to attend Kurt’s funeral, but I respected that and stayed away, but my story can still be told, and here’s the short version of “Slave Kurt Thybo Owned by DominaDark”.

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