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I am Domina Dark, a life style domina and a woman in the prime of my life, 54 years old.

I can use a whip so it hits where it's supposed - whether to leave a mark or not.

I have great experience within the dark universe and I am interested

in everything related to sex and domination.

It is my life. It is my passion.

I am an active participant in the BDSM universe with everything that it entails - and preferably in the company of a slave.

I make my own adult movies and have my own production company, Dark Films.

I love all things kinky and perverse.

I work privately from my two darkrooms in Copenhagen and in Esbjerg, both of them with well-equipped dungeons,

and both places where all sorts of fantasies can become reality.

Whether you are new or experienced within the dark universe,

no doubt I can help you widen your horizon.