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Medical Fetish

medicinsk fetishm, domina dark, bdsm, fetish,Medical Fetish is intended

for people with a sexual fetish involving medical procedures,

hospitals, medical instruments and everything from doctors, nurses

and patients to gynecological or urological

examinations to psychologically kinky and sexy medical treatments.

Medical Fetish Intimate Examination is a sexual roleplay

with me in the role of a professional, dominant female doctor or sexy nurse.

You will be my patient, and my examinations will require both humiliating and embarrassing procedures.

I will use medical instruments to examine your

anus, penis, testicles and your nipples, making you feel discomfort as during an actual examination.

If you so desire, and if we can agree upon it,

strap-on play,

enemas and/or hand relief can also be a part of it.

Body Worship

body worship, domina dark, bdsm, fetish,Within the world of BDSM, body worship is something that you

as a submissive male do to show your devotion to your Mistress,

and to allow yourself be humiliated.

Most often the submissive will kiss, lick and suck parts of the Mistress' body, such as the legs and the feet, her hands, neck, breasts and arse.

Intimate Body Worship is

when the intimate parts of the Mistress' body are

kissed, sucked or caressed, such as the Mistress' cunt.

Face sitting and smothering are also forms of worshipping.

Tickling Fetish

korporlig afstraffelse, domina dark, bdsm,Tickling can be an erotic and arousing experience.

Tickling is used to

humiliate, use, dominate or sensually stimulate the slave.

Tickling games can also involve

me tying up or otherwise restraining the slave in order to prevent him

from protecting himself,

thus guaranteeing a high degree of stimulation,

excitement and erotic pleasure along with some mild torture.

When playing tickling games,

I often use blindfolds and gags.