Feminisation is the gender transformation from man to female

Cross Dressing service

cross dressing, feminisation, domina darkMistress Domina Dark's Cross Dressing Service in Copenhagen is specialised in man to female transformation at the highest level.

It is the place where your naughtiest dreams come true.

It's a place where you can outlive your most private submissive fantasies with a beautiful Mistress and her sexy assistants.

It's a place where you can get tailor-made a perfect session including a full make-over

combined with BDSM, Forced Bi, strap-on training, sissy whore training, bondage and discipline.

My Cross Dressing Service doesn't just entail a full make-over

with you trying on clothes and sitting at a dressing table. It's all about you and your fantasies,

and it's about giving you the chance to do stuff you can't do by yourself in your own home.

My Wardrobe

My wardrobe includes everything from sissy dresses, adult baby dresses

and fashion dresses to bridal gowns, schoolgirl uniforms, French maid uniforms,

sexy lingery, clubbing and party outfits, rubber and short PVC skirts.


My selection of footwear includes fetish footwear,

high heels, stiletto pumps, court shoes, sandals, platform shoes and heels in various sizes.

Lingery and Accessories

The lingery collection includes full sets of blonde Gossard luxury lingery,

satin fantasy underwear, vintage nylon stockings,

stay-ups or hold-ups, sock holders and bridal lingery.

My accessories include shapewear, silicone breasts from bras and different corsets,

making it possible for us to create your desired and most feminine shape.

Everything used for feminisation, including lingery and costumes, etc., will be clean, neat and in fine condition.

Forced Bi

forced bi, domina dark, bdsm,Forced Bi is a kind of BDSM that relates to female domination, denoting activities in which an alpha woman, a dominant partner, a Mistress or (on her request) one of her submissive slaves forces a heterosexual male to partake in bisexual activities.

Forced Bi sessions can include forced feminisation of a submissive slave who is made to engage in sexual acts with a person of the same gender, all of it in order to satisfy and arouse the Mistress.

Forced Bi activities might include: Sucking the cocks of the Mistress' house slaves, shemale assistants and/or bisexual assistants, getting anally penetrated, swallowing semen and more.

Domina Dark's Forced Bi Femdom

My Forced Bi sessions can take place in my dungeon or in the domestic play area. They will begin with forced feminisation or a full makeover of the submissive slave.
Once the submissive slave has been transformed into a horny whore, assistants will be called upon to partake in the humiliation of the slave.

Forced Bi and Cuckold Mistress

My specialities also include Cuckold Mistress sessions, role play scenarios in which the submissive slave or cuckold is forced to witness the Mistress having sex with another man or have oral sex with another woman.

Sissy Maid Training

sissy slut, sissy maid, bdsm, domina dark,Being a nice sissy maid isn't easy. It requires the ability to both learn and to be able to properly fullfil one's duties when serving one's Mistress.

Sissy maid training includes doing the dishes, vacuuming, the cleaning of both the toilet and the kitchen, washing costumes and polishing shoes, preparing the tea, giving the Mistress a foot massage and more.

If you are naughty or if you do not fullfil your duties, you will be punished.

Sissy Slut Training

A sissy slut is a man who is 100% submissive and who will do anything to satisfy his Mistress, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating he might find it to be.

Dressing you up in female clothing and making you wear lipgloss, heels and sexy lingery will make it easier for you to forget the man inside, thus also making it easier for you to appreciate your softer sides and become a she. Once you have come to accept that you are a complete sissy, you will be in the hands of wonderful and loving person who truly understands what sissification is all about.

sissy slut, sissy maid, bdsm, domina dark,Dominant women force helpless men to wear satin knickers,

bras and naughty maid costumes.

They restrain them, insert butt plugs and turn them into weak

and sexy girls or sluts.

First thing that happens is that your old clothes is placed in plastic bags and locked up until the end of the session.

Feminisation - Makeup

The styling of hair, body wax, manicure, etc.

The Mistress will pick the right outfit and the right gear for you,

whether it be French maid, school girl, sissy whore, adult baby or traditional slave.

You will be forced to wear exactly what she wants.
You will be required to sit, to walk, talk and behave in the most feminine way possible.

In preparation for Forced Feminisation you will also be equipped with a chastity belt, making it impossible for you to pleasure yourself.

That way you will become the perfect sissy girl, ready for butt plugs, remote controlled dildos and more.

You will not just be expected to please the Mistress

but also her assistants and perhaps girlfriends.

A cuckold fetishist is a masochistcuckhold domination, bdsm, domina dark

who gets sexually aroused from watching his partner, lover or wife getting pleasured by another man.

You will be wearing a chastity belt in order to prevent you from masturbation and orgasm,

and you will be humiliated while seeing them having sex.

A cuckold Mistress is a dominant woman who forces her submissive slaves

to perform oral sex on her alpha males.

Having satisfied them, the slaves are of course expected to clean up and lick and suck up the alpha males' semen.