Experienced ABDL Nanny - Let me take care of you

Adult Baby and Diaper Lover 

abdl, nanny, diaper, fetish, domina dark, bdsm,Adult Baby and Diaper Lover denotes everything that has to do with diapers.

ABDL is two different kinds of fetishes.

ABs are grown ups who enjoy being adult babies.

They act like babies,

wear baby clothes and diapers, and they are fed and taken care of by a grown up babysitter, me.

DLs are grown ups with a diaper fetish.

They don't act like babies or wear baby clothes.

They just love diapers

and they love to be made to wear them.

You can share your diaper fetish with me.

ABDL Nanny

abdl, nanny, diaper, fetish, domina dark, bdsm,As an ABDL Nanny - I take care of adult babies or diaper lovers.

also known as Mommy.

I can roleplay as a babysitter, an aunt, a nurse, a teacher

or as an AB playmate or a grown up babygirl.

Adult Baby Nursery is a quiet, safe and tender place

in which you as an adult baby or a diaper lover safely can indulge in your fetish.

My babies wear adult size diapers, they sleep in giant cradles, and they are tucked in.

og sutter på sutter og sutteklude.

This service is for adult men and women with ABDL fetishes.

It is not intended for actual minors or for pedophiles.

Diaper Lovers

abdl, nanny, diaper, fetish, domina dark, bdsm,are people who quite simply enjoy wearing diapers

and who find it sexually arousing.

Some diaper lovers wear them for 24 hours,

some 7 days a week,

and some just wear them occasionally.