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Domina Dark Pleasure of Pain

Lad mig introducere dig til ”DDPOP”

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domina dark, bdsm danmark, bdsm, slave,
domina dark, slave master, jylland, københavn,



In the dark no one can see you or hear you scream!

Here it's only MY dark and kinky brain you have to please. You are my slave.

You will surrender yourself to Domina Dark and discover sides of yourself

you didn't even know existed.

Your one and only thought will be: Domina Dark.

You will learn to enjoy it

when your domina inflicts pain on you, whether it be from my whip or through humiliation.

I guarantee you that I will not stop until I am pleased.

As any other slave you need to be taught

so that you will learn to conform to your Mistress' desires.

Domina Dark has few boundaries

and she has a particular fetish for what is nasty and what is pure dopamine.

In my darkrooms, everything related to BDSM and fetishes can and DOES take place.

As your Mistress I feel confident I can widen your personal, sexual boundaries.

In the dark everything can happen, and it WILL.

Your humiliation will only be increased by you not knowing what you have in store.

Safely give yourself up into the experienced hands and the kinky universe of your Mistress Domina Dark.

If interested in having an enriching experience or perhaps even enjoy prolonged slavery ...

Everything related to BDSM and fetishes

• Anal games (finger, dildo, fisting)

• Begynderlege (blid sensuel introduktion & pirrings bondage)

• Bondage (rope, strips, chains, suspension, cuffs)

• Wrestling

• CBT (tying up, punches, kicks, ballbusting, whipping, wax, needles, saline injections)

• Electro stimulation boxes (violet wand, chair)

• Face sitting

• Forced feminisation (tranny, sissy, girl friend)

• Foot fetish (feet, shoes, stilettos)

• Foto sessions and video for own use - Dark Films

• Intimate shaving and sperm games (such as tiger balm, nettles, scalpels, nails)

• Tickle torture

• Chastity training according to contract (short term/long term)

• Corporal punishment with or without lasting scars (whipping rods, canes, whips, electro)

• Contract slave in accordance with agreement (for instance text message slave, house slave, pain slut slave, toilet slave, sissy slave, money pig slave)

Everything can happen

• Nipple torture (fingers, nails, clamps, weights, pumps, electro)

• Objectification (for instance pony play, dog training, furniture)

• Money slavery (robbery games, blackmail or generous slave)

• Tease bondage (perverted or sensual)

• Playing with the senses (ice, candles, Wartenberg wheels, electro, hoods, blindfolds)

• Sissy and/or maid (slave whore, forced bisexual, strap-on, dressing up, make up, wigs)

• Slave gathering (being forced to use fingers and toys on each others, oral and anal)

• Trampling (bare feet, shoes, stilettos)

• Urination (reward or punishment)

• Urethral sounding (sounds, electro)

• Humiliation (verbal, psychological, slaps, spit, toilet, furniture)

• Breath control (suffocation with rope, bag, hands, cellophane, body)

The perfect set-up

Offering EVERYTHING required to make your deepest and darkest fantasies come true.

Exclusive facilities with loads of equiptment and all things needed.

You can meet me both on Zealand and in Jutland

but not until I have given you PERMISSION!


where and when it's possible to get an appointment with me.

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66 Entrusted Fantasies

A very descriptive

and no doubt for some very transgressive book

that will allow you to get a glimpse

into other people's innermost desires and fantasies.

A book written for you who are already familiar

with the world of BDSM, as well as for you who are curious to learn more.

Welcome to the universe of a Domina.

To get the book signed with a personal greeting,

write to me through the Contact page.

Let me know if there is something special

you would like the greeting to say,

and remember to add the name of the person you wish the greeting addressed to.

I'll send you a reply as soon as possible.


It doesn't matter what job title or rank you have. With Domina Dark you will be nothing but a slave!